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Hi, I'm Albi

Who lives in

Sunset Valley.

My 1st son VJ who makes a lot of trouble

My lovely 2nd son, Mirage.

We live together.

Oh, My wife...

is gone...

I can't afford enough money for living. 

Paying tax, rent...

Suddenly she left...

Maybe she was sick and tired of poor.

or hated me.

She left...

without any sign.

- What's up? You don't have any money.


I'm your father and show me respect!

- Wow, we have great supper cause mom left us.

- You know why mom left us?

- Bro, stop...

Know what! Now I feel free

Now I can breath!

- Yeah, I get it.

I'll give you more fresh air.
I'm leaving, too.


(big sigh)

My son...


I had tried my best

to get your mother back

read newspaper everyday to get another part time job.

asked neighbors to get me a job

But everyone said...

I'm too old... no experties..

They only said "Sorry"

I only can fishing...

My lifetime job...


Frankly, I felt something wrong from Mirage.

He always look outgoing.

But someting happened at school.

- Hey, I have my mother, too!!

I talked with him.

But he didn't answer what matter is...

- I'm not child anymore.

- I don't cry because I don't have mom.

...I'm too tired...tired...

I heard he cried...

It felt like someone penestrate my heart...

but I was angry to him

because his crying... it said like...







it sounded like that...

I was angry to the world

also angry to myself...

I was too angry to you

It was nothing...

I wanted to punish myself not you...

I always angry to you...

Sorry son

Sorry my son

Your father is not perfect man

Please come back home.

I want you back...




Dish washer was broken again.

Kitchen is mass now leaking water.

Mirage said you can fix it...

I wish you come back and fix it.

Lastly, wherever you will go, don't forget to have breakfast.

- From your father Albi -

- What a mass...

Without me, this house is nothing.

Let's go home.



You..You here.

- I fixed it.

Yeah.. thanks... thanks...

My family

live in Sunset Valley

hurting, loving, and caring
each other.

monkeypooh 힝. 감동 스토리였군요! 재밌어요!!
Like it! · reply2 · 2015-08-13
보스 개그물인줄 알았는데 뭐..뭐야 감동적이잖아! ㅎ 아퐈 ㅠㅠ
Like it! · reply1 · 2015-08-13