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One shiny day, it's lunch time for Ruffy's.

Luffy: My last steak!!

Joro: It's mine!!

Joro: Yummy, always last one is the best.

Joro: Why? Do you have any problem?

Luffy: Of cause. You stole my like one. You want to fight?!

Joro: Good, It's enough for after meal excercise.

Joro: Come! Ruffy!

Luffy: How dare!

Luffy: Jet~~~

Luffy: Pistol!!
Joro: shit!

Joro: It's all you got?

Luffy: ?!
Joro: You, slow.

Luffy: oh!!!
Joro: missed..!



Luffy: Gear 3rd!!!

Luffy: Gomu Gomu

Luffy: Elephant....

Luffy: ?!

Shandi: Here's lunch second round.

Joro: ?!

Luffy: Lunch?!!!

Luffy: yakyakyakyak

Joro: whoo~ nice work out.

Shandi: Idiots!!!