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- Yes sir, I will be done soon.

When I was young
mom used to tell me that

parent can be whole world
for my age.

I was gifted child.

like swimming in warm pool

I dreamed to be a painter

with love of my parent

- Smile

When I was 18, the days end

That day...

everything burns into ashes

I was too young, and grown-ups are too fast in calculating.

all inheritance are gone by their fast movement on it

I barely got tiny container house and pin money for finishing my school.

I didn't want to be care by others. I was fine...

Small couch made me feel I'm alive.

I still feel hungry even though my parent are gone, cause I'm still alive...

I wanted to be grown-up right after I winked my eyes once

I became a painter.

Now I barely smile...

I'm not rich but I can afford

but sometimes I feel lonely

my pecadilo...
am I allowed to be happy?