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Hashima Island is a uninhabited island in Nagasaki, Japan.

The shape of the island is similar to a warship, so it's also called Gunkanjima, which means 'warship island.'

And Hashima Island was also called

'Prison Island' during the Japanese colonial era.

The whole Hashima Island, which is owned by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, was developed as a coal-mining town.

Mitsubishi requested the allocation of people to the governor general

and made a forced mobilization in each region.

"If you disobey the mobilization, you won't receive the food rations."

"We pay you generously and treat you well, so don't be afraid!"

Because of the severe drought and exploitation of Japan

Joseon farmers had to succumb to the threat.

Hashima Island was in the spotlight as a splendid city

with up-to-date apartments and recreational facilities because of the development as a coal-mining town.

However, the horror under the light of this splendid city was truly terribel.

Cramped mine which people can't straighten their back.

They had to mine coal for 12 hours a day at the end of tunnels

and they were not allowed to leave until they meet their daily quota.

The then Japanese government promised them 50~70yen salary.

But they were only paid 50yen.

and even that money had to be spent all on

food and housing


tax and insurance

tool rental

that is to say they were not paid for real.

The tunnels were 1,000m below sea level and burning with 40℃ heat.

The sea water coming into the tunnels often made their skin festered.

Many of them got wounded or even killed by frequent collapse of the tunnel roof due to gas explosion.

Those who tried to escape were caught

and flayed with rubber wires.

The number of the Hashima island victims is approximately 800

and the official number of deaths among them is 134.

However, we assume that much more deaths were left off the list or covered up.

In early 2014 Japanese government

made application to get Hashima Island and Nagasaki shipyard listed as the UNESCO World Heritage,

without even mentioning the compulsory mobilization.

#Please share this for letting world know truth.

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