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I concentrated to the sound.

I could hear the sound in certain tempo.

I chased the sound.

I was getting nervous.

Project Z EP 05

I found where the sound come from.

- What is it inside the door?

The door was locked too.

I picked keys up and looked for matched one.

I could find one soon.

I took deep breath before open it.

It was unsure what may come.

Also, It could be dangerous and bad idea to open it.

But I needed clue to lead me to get out of here.

I felt curious what the sound is.

If it was bad guys,
I thought they never knock the door like that.

Maybe someone who is in same situation like me...

I don't know that i'm the only one who is kiddnapped.

If it's another man, we may help each other.

I turned the door.

The door was opened...

It's dark as I thought.

I flashed around the room.

I saw a man.

- He heard door open sound but no reaction.

But now the strong knocking sound was stopped.


- Was He punching the wall?

- or he hide from me?

I stepped closer and flashed him again.

tatters, skinny body, bushy hair.

He was small man.

- Has he been locked down for long time?

- Hey, Can you hear me?

He blenched shortly...

But didn't turn around.

- Maybe deaf?

But I flashed him.
It was enough signs to he recognize me.

It looked like he intentionally avoid me.


It's possible.
I was also afraid when I woke up the room.

I was afraid too.

- Man, Do you know where we are now?

- What happens to you?

I started questions.

But he didn't turn around.

- Hey! Can you hear me?

I spoke louder.

After that, he started to turn his head.

- Hey man...

I got some space between he and me flashing him.


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