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Iron door was locked. I picked keys up.

Project Z ep 04

I tried several times, but no keys were matched.

- Damn... There's no way out?

My worries are getting bigger.

- Am I really kidnapped by somebody?

I was afraid...

My fears turned into anger.

- Why am I here?

- Who the fucking do this to me?

I kicked it continuously.

Damn door was too strong.

It was meaningless.

It stopped that.

- Be calm and think...

- Is there any reason that makes me be here?

- Revenge?

- Why me...? Why?

Lot of thoughts were in my head.

But now I don't feel any headache.

I tried to figure out but I'm just normal person.

I'm not rich and had have good relationship
with neighborhood.

Nothing can be eanred by kidnapping me.

Then, Revenge?

It's too big planning
even if somebody really want to revenge

Mostly, I don't know people who can plan like this. Kidnapping, huge mansion...

Am I really kidnapped by organ harvesters?

But now I got out of that room

and I'm walking around this place.

When I was thinking those kind of scenarios,

- What was that sound?

I heard sort of knocking sound
at the opposite side of passage.

I was curious but scared.

It could be someone
who is in same situation with me.

- Or other guys...

- I need to check it...

I went foward following that sound.

I was scared

but I had to check that sound.

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러블리추 뭐지할때 뭐나올줄알았는데 뭐 아므것도아니네뭐 별거아니구만 오늘은 엄마랑 자야지~~
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