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I stepped out the door

with fear...

Project Z Ep 03

There was no one threatening me.

There was only darkness.

I felt anxious...

I turned lighting on.

I was in huge mansion.

or old hospital, I guessed.

I used flashlight to s손전등을 사용하여 어두운 복도의
좌우를 살펴보았다.


...what are those rooms?

What's this place about?

I couldn't stop thinking.

How did I come to this place?

Fortunately, My headache was getting better.

Anyway, I need to get out of here quickly.

I went forward...

I only can


sound of footsteps of me fulling whole the passage.

I found the way out using flashlight.

I only could see same doors.

No window, no exit.

End of the way, I saw a big iron door.

Only this door looked different from others.

I guessed this is the way out.

I stepped in the front of the door
without hesitation.

The door was locked.

I thought that I brought keys from first place.

I hoped that one must be matched for the door.

흥더쿠 문을 열었는데 또 문이 나오는 건 아니겠져?ㅎㅎㅎ
Like it!6 · reply · 2014-12-19
트룹 세상에나....후....
Like it! · reply · 2015-04-08
Chanel 실제 상황이면 정말 무서울 듯
Like it! · reply · 2015-02-15
개볼살 저거 사실 계속 안으로 들어가는거...
Like it!3 · reply2 · 2014-12-22
흥더쿠 문을 열었는데 또 문이 나오는 건 아니겠져?ㅎㅎㅎ
Like it!6 · reply · 2014-12-19
보스 탈출의 연속인가...
Like it!2 · reply · 2014-12-19