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Project Z - ep.02

I opened the drawer.

There was post-it, pen. Also flashlight, stick and handcuff were in it.

I was wondering why all these stuff are in here.

I found a keys.

It's weird. I'm getting suspicious.

It's not late thinking what happening to me after get out of here.

I picked up keys.

I stepped in front of the door.

I just needed to try few keys.

I found matched key for the door.

Now, time to leave.

All of sudden, I was afraid.

I may bump into someone
who might brought me here.

I was in agony for a while.

Is it right choice to open?

If they locked me in, why did they leave key too?

But I decided.

I thought it's better to try something
before I got killed to them.

I firmly decided to get out.

I picked a flashlight and stick. Stick may be used to protect myself.

I don't know what's wating for me
outside of this room.

Finally, I opened the door.

To be continued.

두식장군 1.5화같은 2화 입니다 ㅜㅜ (분량이 적어서 죄송합니다)
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