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When I stayed in Toronto. There was Easter day. So I had nothing to do at all.

My friends are bored. 

One guy said,
"Don't you have any playing card"

I was shocked
because my place has nothing.

I said,


I used all materials
exist in my place

100% handmade Hanafuda...

Fortunatly, we are all student who have a lot of pens.

I downloaded a picture to figure out how Hanafuda looks like.

I sacrificed one folder to use as ruler. Also my shoes box for thick enough card.

I wanted to give up at that moment.
Too many cards are needed.

It was like Ford-ism. One filled out outlines. One draw inside images. One did coloring.

I didn't size it exactly. So It was a bit smaller than real one.

Almost of colors were there. But no matched color for Sakura, I used purple colored pen.

It's like real one. :)

Also we draw bonus cards for fun.

We started game, but ink stick in hand. So we use tape for covering and protecting whole card.

Now, what I need was cutter!
It took 5 hours to be here.

Finally We did it!!! Crazy detail...

After two games, we all got tired.

Time to go to bed...

I feel pain in my back...

It was crazy time killer.


My friends made some clue for backside of card cause it's just paper.

We knew what it is
before turn up.

Con artist party....

흥더쿠 오 유물이 올라왔다!
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고성민 고스돕 잼나다!~
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악마기린 우와....퀄리티가 짱이네욥!!!
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